Review from One World Music ~ Steve Sheppard

David Clavijo is back after a short hiatus of 6 years with a brilliant new album called From the Depths. The album’s release proves to us all, that really good music still lives and Clavijo expands on his work to bring us a truly superb compilation of arrangements and songs that will simply amaze you.
The opener is proudly the title track From the Depths. This extremely smooth composition has been carefully created by Clavijo; to bring us a mix of Medwyn Goodall meets Enigma. What an excellent starting piece for us to begin our journey with the artist and is the longest track off the album.
When We Were Together has a very rhythmic nature about it, the song seems to dance a dance of happiness and memories, the percussion here is respectful and pertinent and the whole arrangement seems to move like a smile across a child’s face on a summer’s day.
We move into the open arms of the piece Fly With Me. We’re in classic new age music terority now, the tempo retains its sun kissed feel and a slight hint of suspense can be touched at just over the two and a half minute mark, with a beautiful crescendo and a drop down into the minor chords, this is one very impressive track.
Clavijo maintains this warm Mediterranean release with the next piece called The Song of Wisdom. This is intricate, but delightful; the arrangement has an essence of the Indigenous people, with a little world ethic fusion and a constant driving chill out beat. Living here in Cyprus, Im pretty sure this song would go down just as well as in Spain.
Now one of my favourite tracks is this one called Fragile World, Celtic refrains mixed with a pop beat would make this a superb single, to make comparisons with Mike Oldfield and Moonlight Shadow would be a bit obvious, but very honest and valid. Lyrically superbly crafted, vocally fresh and exciting and Clavijo on guitar, well, to be honest I thought it was Oldfield, this has to be one of the best pop new age tracks I have heard for absolutely ages, one feels that this song is going to get relentless airplay on my station, all hail vocalist Laura Powers.
From Oldfield to Enigma we slide, it’s as if we have fallen back in time to an era where real music just appeared at will and I thank David Clavijo for the this release, it has re-emphasized my belief that real music will always live on somewhere. This track may have that essence of Enigma with the Gregorian styled chat, but the beat is chilled and more rhythmic and warmer that the previous aforementioned band, dear reader and listener, you will adore Sanctus Dominus.
The sultry saxophone of Premik Russell Tubbs mixes perfectly with the sea’s natural sounds and thus begins our short journey through the sultriest song on the release called Sitting on a Seawall, something that I like doing a lot of here in Paphos, the Mediterranean, as David Clavijo will know, is perfect for it. The bass is deep and sensual here as well, the keyboards have that sparkling summer feel and Clavijo’s guitar brings us a real classic Balearic styled composition that I have fallen totally in love with.
The Journey contains the angelic like vocals of singer Charlee Brooks, here with Clavijo; she almost recreates a similar styled song to that of Imogen Moore on Terry Oldfield’s album Illumination. However the tempo is faster than Oldfield’s creation, but what Clavijo has done on this release and within this song, is completely re-establish the genre of New Age music at its best, a real care to attention, a deep sense of perfection can be found here and in the whole album that makes this such a very special release. David Clavijo’s driving guitar and explosive crescendos make this one of the best pieces off the release.
Où est mon Bonheur? is our next offering. Clavijo employs the emotive skills of Chad Lawson on this deeply moving Parisian styled composition, Lawson does this so well and we are gifted a real beautifully structured European arrangement.
Charlee Brooks who is use to working the grand soundscapes of David Arkenstone, is given the pleasurable task of vocalist on the piece Out of the Depths; this is our penultimate offering dear listeners and readers and another track that could easily be released as a commercial single, this song flows with precision and power and is simply blissful to bathe musically in.
Our last port of call on the album is a return to Fragile World, but this time featuring Chad Lawson on Piano once more and the vocals of Rosa Cedrón, Clavijo may have been away from the studio for 6 years, but on this album its feels like 6 minutes, this is one of the most beautiful songs of the album, Cedrón burns with that Mediterranean passion in her vocals, the piano is a sweet narrator and David Clavijo, on a delightful acoustic guitar, leaves us with a really stylish composition that just highlights how exceptional this release truly is.
From the Depths by David Clavijo is a reaffirmation that if one takes there time over creating an album, you can, if you have the passion and the skill, come up with something that is without doubt world class and From the Depths in my opinion is just that. Albums like this do not come along that often, my advice to any potential listen would be to literally pounce at buying it. This is most certainly one of the finest productions you will have heard in any genre for many a year and as such 100% recommended sheer quality.

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