Review by Serge Kozlovsky

fromthedepthscoverPath to the depths
Leads to the highest state
Of consciousness

Very rich textures, weightless harmonies, a diversity of musical palette – all this is the new album “From the Depths” of talented Spanish artist David Clavijo. And at the same time bright compositions with powerful arrangements and the fine taste of Native American music are inherent in this stunning release. The artist uses ethnic motifs on his album with great delicacy creating a real multicultural project which can be perceived by a wide audience from the various parts of the globe.

One more important feature of this project is European perfectionism. All compositions are beautifully composed and performed with elegance. In general the sounding of the album is splendid and it fills you with joy when you listen to “From the Depths”.

A company of outstanding artists helped David Clavijo create this project including renowned pianist Chad Lawson, Irish piper Cillian Vallely, great Canadian flutist Ron Allen, virtuoso saxophonist Premik Russell and, certainly, unique vocalists such as Charlee Brooks, Laura Powers and Rosa Cedrón. The full list of projects where these brilliant performers participated earlier will be very long and impressive!

One wants to say that the love of Spanish music is clearly felt in this release. And full of emotional experiences and tiny nuances, David’s guitar playing deserves the highest ratings. I’d like to add here that the music of the album “From the Depths” fills the listener with energy, and one can easily feel yourself alive and in good spirits.

I think that this project will be turning point in the musical career of gifted artist David Clavijo and it will bring him many awards and recognition of numerous audiences.

It’s so easy to shake off the burden of everyday worries and feel the joy of life – just listen to the album “From the Depths” and feel as the very existence speaks to you in the sparkling rhythms and magical melodies of this music…

Serge Kozlovsky